Pet care start-ups in city offer home delivery, online vet consultation during lockdown

LOCALIZED PET care start-ups in the city have reached out to pet owners by facilitating services such as quick delivery of food and medical supply as well as vet online consultation in the wake of the extended lockdown.

The demand for such services was subjected to up for both the start-ups as not only solo pet owners but probably shelters and local feeders have been to their customer base.

Vartika Tripathi, co-founder of one of the start-ups Pawshbox, said while in most cases, they had around 80 to 90 new subscribers with regard to customised pet box, the requests had increased towards 250 to 300 in a matter of 21 days.

With all the family dog supply shops as well as poultry shops shut, several uneasy pet owners reached out to us for their pet’s needs. There were anticipated such a situation will arise and, hence, there were ordered in bulk from our suppliers as ordering at their store now will not be possible. Dry kibbles and wet gravy food are running low as production has stopped for manufacturing units. First, we delivered a box to your regular customers so that they are prepared for the next one month or so. At this moment, we are stocked up for two rounds of new orders right up till the end of May, ” she said.

She in addition said apart from solo pet owners, her start-up had as well received orders from local shelter bodies and feeders.

On a normal day, while they fed dogs and cats supper mixed with chicken, after the lockdown they were relying heavily regarding packaged foods, Tripathi added.

The other start-up has also initiated contactless food and medical supply delivery with online costs options. “We tailor our food for dogs and cats not surprisingly , they fulfil the nutritional value and are gluten free. Following a outbreak, many pet owners are concerned about their pet’s immunity and even their hygiene and grooming. The miscommunication around COVID-19 has also led to many abandoning their pets and we attained a call from a person who rescued a pet dog however , was unsure how to tend to its needs, ” talked about Anushka Iyer, founder of the other start-up Wiggles.

The very start-ups are also taking virtual vet consultations for owners, where you can talk to a vet from basic consultations pertaining to vaccination to severe ailments in older pets.

As to delivery, the package reaches within a matter of one to two days. “Sometimes, it is last-minute ordering from the customer’s facet. Hence, we need to attend to it immediately, ” said Tripathi.

While these pet care start-ups function out of Pune, they wish to extend services to other target cities like Mumbai, Delhi, Bengaluru and Hyderabad.

“We have received several tickets from our pan-India customers but due to travel polices, we are unable to cater to them, ” Iyer said