Luxury Home Defined

Very best definition of “luxury home”? Is it an amazing master bathroom? Has it been a home that is so technologically-advanced that it anticipates your all move? Is it a simple elegance that frames amazing feelings with its large windows? The answer to the question “What is normally luxury? ” depends on the individual being asked because deluxe is different for everyone. For Lori, one of our recent prospects, it is simple clean lines and a place for all kinds of things. For her husband, Brad, it is amazing outdoor living room designs. What is your definition?

Here are some of our client’s favorites and how we tend to interpreted and brought their vision to life.

  • Luxury Family home Defined
  • Farmhouse Chic

The Farmhouse Chic look has been done popular by Magnolia new braunfels tx home builder and HGTV. Maybe thanks to Waco’s proximity to Austin, we find it widely well known in our market. People love its clean and fashionable vibe with the rustic charm of more traditional and even bander or antique decor. For Christy and Kevin, their valuable farmhouse chic home was all about entertaining. They stated to us the story of how their charity events meant a new to them, and how they wanted to be able to host events around the home.

So they fell in love with the indoor-outdoor design of this great living area with doors that open all the way to the large front and back outdoor living areas. Great limestone blocks form built-in seating in the front yard for the crisp Spring evenings, perfect for hosting charity events.

Santa Barbara

Santa Barbara is a lovely contrast of Spanish-style dark woods and very white and creamy natural items and paints.

In this Santa Barbara home, a doctor brilliant wife wanted to feature their antiques and many travel “treasures”. Included in these were some doors they purchased in China and tiawan and a flea market find light fixture for the kitchen. Some of our design team created a special place for the doors that they are featured in the main living room, while the light fixture became the main centerpiece of the kitchen.

To tie it all together, the inner design team created what appears to be antique cabinets combined in with the other cabinets in the kitchen. As of today, the light fixture is only one of our most popular and frequently-requested light fixtures. Of course , it’s really a one-of-a-kind, just like its owners.

Lake Home Getaway

Meant for Liz and Scott, they needed a place to go to move out the cold Connecticut Winters. They wanted a place at Lake Austin where they could walk out in the back yard together with hop in the boat to go skiing. They didn’t demand fancy home – in fact , they preferred to get away as a result whole lifestyle and just “chill” in the Summers in Central austin. They wanted to home to have a comfortable vibe that bounced around this.

An open concept living/dining room with large windows that open up to the lake worked well for them. Simple highlites like the “boat bar” helped keep it fun and not as stuffy. We even named it after their boat to restore more personal.

The actual boat is always just a few footsteps gone so that they can go skiing with their daughter whenever she is family home from college. We even helped to create a boat fortfarande, with upper deck, that feels like it is an extension of the property. To Liz and Scott, this is their definition of magnificence.

For some of us, it’s little details that define luxury. It’s possible it’s two dishwashers or a beautiful bathtub. For some, a hidden room or a private courtyard. Here are some of those aspects that may also define luxury for you.