How to Read Marked Cards with Infrared Contact Lenses


Do you believe in destiny or do you think you can change your future by the power of technology? The thought process of adopting technology to transform the future can be adopted anywhere in your life isn’t it? How about using it for changing your fortunes in a poker game? Try the latest marked card deck and experience the difference.

Power of Technology – Greater than Us

Using the technology of marked card deck to change your fortunes in a poker game is something magical by itself. By combining the power of infrared contact lenses you can easily win all your bets and games you play every day.

Poker as you know is a game of uncertainties. Fortunes keep swinging towards and away from the players in way that is hard to predict. Only a vision of the opponents’ cards can give you an insight into winning ways. And that insight can be yours with the help of marked cards and a simple pair of contact lenses.

Marked cards come in two categories. They can have barcodes on the side or an invisible infrared ink mark on their back. The ink remains undetectable to the normal eyes. It contains the number, symbol, and the card value printed.

You can realize the value of marked cards once you wear the infrared contact lenses. They are transparent and remain invisible to the other players around. You can also wear your power glasses over them without any hassles.

The vision you get through the infrared lenses shows you the details of every single card held by your opponent players. You can also see the card sets and the winning potential of every player. Compare them with yours and change the gaming strategy whenever you want.

Winning Poker Games – Simple and Easy Ways

Marked Card Deck comes with unique and elegant sets of poker cards which have attractive designs and aesthetic patterns with bright color combinations. They have the power to absorb the complete attention of the players.

Spread the cards on the poker table and wait for your opponents to pick them up. Once by one, they arrange the cards to make hands combinations. You can read every single card they use to make the hands with ease.

Once the game starts and the players pick up new cards from the deck, you will know exactly how the game will proceed. The marked cards and infrared contact lenses give you the power to control your approach to every move.

Outwitting the Opponents – Smartness over Logic

Your opponents may be very good in making logical decisions while picking up and dropping their poker cards on hand. But you will be smart enough to outwit them in every move. The marked card deck gives you the power to alter the course of every game to your advantage.


The powerful combination of marked card deck and infrared contact lenses will be enough to keep you winning most of the poker games which you play with the most experienced opponents, outwitting them in all the aspects.