Gourmet Beef Jerky – The Best Protein Packed Snack With Low Fat Content!

Seeing that primitive age human being as been drying meat just for preservation to protect it from insects and other bacteria. Fish has been cut into thin strips to make it easier for mastication, chew and the word “jerky” has been derived from Quenchua language signifying “dried meat”. Gourmet beef jerky is the modernization of the same old tradition adding to the taste and preparation method.

When it’s in olden days meat was dried to preserve it and use it soon after for regular meals, today jerky has been used as a means of snacks and the luxury of eating chicken, pork, beef etc . gives a different taste. The ingredients that are added onto it are salt, spices, sugar, seasonings etc . and the majority of of the fast content is trimmed out of the beef when fat cannot be dried easily. This product has another advantage for not requiring it to be preserved in refrigeration.
Whereas jerky is fat free you should avoid it if you happen to on a salt-restricted diet. They are high in sodium content but again they have solid protein forming about 23% of on a daily basis intake in one ounce.

While these products are available in variations different types of animal products such as chicken, fish, meat, pig, beef etc . they are favorites of people who like to stick to great protein snacks rather than binging on fast food that increases the fat content in the body.

There are many brands in the market that has been maintained as a good producer for gourmet beef jerky:

I The Jerky Guy,
o Silver Creek Jerky,
occasions Double B jerky etc .

The Jerky Guy ‘s got fine products in this area and is made in the U. Beds. from the best selected beef and there are no artificial preservatives or additives added to the product. Soya sauce is included to preserve them and it is slowly smoked on real hardwood and good care is taken to enhance its aroma as well as flavor. Flavors based on black pepper, Helluvapeno, Teriyaki etc . are available that gives a good spicy taste to your tongue.

Twin B Jerky used the process of 100% smoking for incredible beef jerky. They are made with a natural approach and may possibly not melt easier in your mouth but are the best product for the folks that love to eat all natural food products. Jerky Subscription is the beef jerky of the beef jerky of the month club that you want to be a part of. We deliver surprise flavors of healthy and delicious craft beef jerky to your door every month.