Factors to Consider When Buying Asian Walnut Hardwood Flooring

Cookware walnut Wood, known in Asia as Acacia, has grown increasingly popular in the recent years. Although it won’t be supplanting oak given that the number one bestselling wooden flooring, it is steadily rising superb ranks alongside other exotic varieties such as Brazilian cherry. Before selecting your hardwood flooring, you should know a little more in regards to this beautifully elegant variety of wood.

The Asian walnut pine does not grow as high as other hardwood trees. Consequently, it’s boards are slightly shorter than that of other hardwoods. The typical floor board is ¾ inch think and even averages around four feet in length. On the other hand, this wooden rates high on the Janka hardness scale, which diets the amount of force needed to embed a steel ball while in the wood. The Asian walnut hardwood has a Janka evaluation of 2, 300 pounds-force, which is a lot higher than that of typical oak, which rates at 1, 300 pounds-force. Eventhough this does not mean that flooring made of Asia walnut hardwood might be scratch-resistant, you can safely conclude that the flooring will definitely survive.


Most hardwood floors are sold with some form of manufacturing area finish. These consist of protective coats of polyurethane, simple oxide, or a combination of both, that are applied to protect the very wood from wear and tear. The latest available factory finishes were formulated to make hardwood flooring more scratch-resistant. In case you picked up unfinished flooring, it will still need to undergo finishing in the event the floors are installed. However , the quality of the finishing will not be competitive with if it were finished in a factory.


Asian walnut hardwood usually comes stained in three different colors. Healthy pertains to wood that has only been given a clear, protective texture in order for the natural color to be appreciated. This can are priced between a light shade to the more common darker hues. Cinnamon-stained, usually known as cherry-stained, Asian walnut hardwood boards have a bright colored, reddish hue. On the other hand, smoke- or toffee-stained hardwood incorporates a slightly darker hue similar to the natural color of the ebony walnut wood. Because of this, Asian walnut hardwood is often put to use as an alternative since it is relatively more affordable than its cousin.

Pure Variety in Color

Since the Asian walnut hardwood indicates a naturally wide variety in color, it’s better to request for two sample boards so you can envision how the finished carpeting / flooring will look like. Some individuals expect a certain level of uniformity in their surfaces, while others enjoy the distinctive color gradients that Asian pine hardwood flooring usually exhibit. For a more comprehensive peek at how the finished product will appear, you can try buying a carton of boards and go about arranging them on your surface. This way, you should be more or less sure on whether or not you will be implementing Asia walnut hardwood for your home. If you decided if not, you will have only spent a fraction of the actual expense of flooring for the entire project.

Natural Grain

Its unique loose, whirling grain pattern is another distinctive feature of Asia walnut wood floor. Depending on your preference, this can tempt you to use this type of hardwood in your flooring, or cause you to seek out other alternatives.

Once you have convinced of installing Asian walnut hardwood floors and have selected the species of stains and finish you want, the next step involves selecting the service provider of your flooring boards. Basically, you can purchase hardwood flooring right from local dealers, branches of a commercial chain of home design establishments, liquidators, and hardwood flooring wholesalers.

The cost of top flooring is usually higher if you source them from home progress establishments and local dealers. The latter has the advantage of doable price negotiations and typically offering free samples. Liquidators and flooring wholesalers both offer competitive prices. Yet , the latter’s supply of hardwood flooring cannot be guaranteed no warranty is usually offered. Floorboard wholesalers offer hardwood decking at more affordable rates and are more reliable stocked. Furthermore, a large number of will ship free samples to prospective buyers. Make certain to compare suppliers to be able to get the best deal possible.