Factors to Consider When Buying Asian Walnut Hardwood Flooring

Cookware walnut Wood, known in Asia as Acacia, has grown increasingly popular in the recent years. Although it won’t be supplanting oak given that the number one bestselling wooden flooring, it is steadily rising superb ranks alongside other exotic varieties such as Brazilian cherry. Before selecting your hardwood flooring, you should know a little more in regards to this beautifully elegant variety of wood.

The Asian walnut pine does not grow as high as other hardwood trees. Consequently, it’s boards are slightly shorter than that of other hardwoods. The typical floor board is ¾ inch think and even averages around four feet in length. On the other hand, this wooden rates high on the Janka hardness scale, which diets the amount of force needed to embed a steel ball while in the wood. The Asian walnut hardwood has a Janka evaluation of 2, 300 pounds-force, which is a lot higher than that of typical oak, which rates at 1, 300 pounds-force. Eventhough this does not mean that flooring made of Asia walnut hardwood might be scratch-resistant, you can safely conclude that the flooring will definitely survive.


Most hardwood floors are sold with some form of manufacturing area finish. These consist of protective coats of polyurethane, simple oxide, or a combination of both, that are applied to protect the very wood from wear and tear. The latest available factory finishes were formulated to make hardwood flooring more scratch-resistant. In case you picked up unfinished flooring, it will still need to undergo finishing in the event the floors are installed. However , the quality of the finishing will not be competitive with if it were finished in a factory.


Asian walnut hardwood usually comes stained in three different colors. Healthy pertains to wood that has only been given a clear, protective texture in order for the natural color to be appreciated. This can are priced between a light shade to the more common darker hues. Cinnamon-stained, usually known as cherry-stained, Asian walnut hardwood boards have a bright colored, reddish hue. On the other hand, smoke- or toffee-stained hardwood incorporates a slightly darker hue similar to the natural color of the ebony walnut wood. Because of this, Asian walnut hardwood is often put to use as an alternative since it is relatively more affordable than its cousin.

Pure Variety in Color

Since the Asian walnut hardwood indicates a naturally wide variety in color, it’s better to request for two sample boards so you can envision how the finished carpeting / flooring will look like. Some individuals expect a certain level of uniformity in their surfaces, while others enjoy the distinctive color gradients that Asian pine hardwood flooring usually exhibit. For a more comprehensive peek at how the finished product will appear, you can try buying a carton of boards and go about arranging them on your surface. This way, you should be more or less sure on whether or not you will be implementing Asia walnut hardwood for your home. If you decided if not, you will have only spent a fraction of the actual expense of flooring for the entire project.

Natural Grain

Its unique loose, whirling grain pattern is another distinctive feature of Asia walnut wood floor. Depending on your preference, this can tempt you to use this type of hardwood in your flooring, or cause you to seek out other alternatives.

Once you have convinced of installing Asian walnut hardwood floors and have selected the species of stains and finish you want, the next step involves selecting the service provider of your flooring boards. Basically, you can purchase hardwood flooring right from local dealers, branches of a commercial chain of home design establishments, liquidators, and hardwood flooring wholesalers.

The cost of top flooring is usually higher if you source them from home progress establishments and local dealers. The latter has the advantage of doable price negotiations and typically offering free samples. Liquidators and flooring wholesalers both offer competitive prices. Yet , the latter’s supply of hardwood flooring cannot be guaranteed no warranty is usually offered. Floorboard wholesalers offer hardwood decking at more affordable rates and are more reliable stocked. Furthermore, a large number of will ship free samples to prospective buyers. Make certain to compare suppliers to be able to get the best deal possible.

Flooring How To Prevent Sun Damage To Your Hardwood Floors

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Summertime means having the ability to appreciate more natural light flowing through your windows. When many homeowners are delighted to see the sun after weeks of grey winter skies, you ought to take some tiny actions to guard your hardwood flooring from sunlight damage. In contrast to popular belief, keeping hardwood flooring toronto does not need to be hard.

By following our guidance, you will have the ability to avoid creating a call to an expert Grand Rapids hardwood floor contractors in Carpet Bonanza into fix sunlight faded wood flooring .

Run the A/C

Running your air conditioner is among the greatest strategies to keep down the temperature into your house and remove humidity in the atmosphere. Does your air conditioner maintain you and your loved ones comfortable, but it is going to additionally safeguard your hardwood flooring .

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To keep the overall look of your hardwood flooring , you will have to keep the humidity between 40% and 60%. The hardwood flooring boards will absorb the water vapor from the atmosphere and expand to make imperfections on your hardwood flooring .

Install Awnings

While installing may seem to be a large commitment, consider the effect the sun has on your hardwood flooring. The UV rays from sunlight can bake your hardwood flooring and cause the color to fade. Faded hardwood flooring aren’t just unattractive, but might lessen the value of their flooring.

Awnings are great for rooms with hardwood floors that get the most sun. If hardwood flooring discoloration is a problem in your house, you might wish to think about installing awnings over southern facing windows. These windows get the most sun during the day because sunlight is at that half of the skies.

To prevent sun-damaged hardwood flooring , you do not have to keep your blinds closed all of the time. Awnings can be a great solution for those rooms in your house that get the most sun so that you don’t wind up getting faded wood flooring .

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Move Furniture

As time passes, it is inevitable that there’ll be minor discoloration in sunlight. In the minimum, you ought to be moving your furniture around from time to time to reduce discoloration to the extent at which you are able to make out the traces of where your sofa used to sit. Moving the furniture around is a little way you can keep your hardwood flooring looking fine for a long time to come. Ensure that your furniture has floor guards on all legs to prevent scratches.

This advice should help you protect hardwood flooring from sunlight damage. You should not need to devote your summer concerned about the impact that the sun will have in your hardwood flooring. For most homeowners, running the A/C and shifting furniture around is sufficient to keep flooring from appearing faded after summer has finished.

How Are Residential And Commercial Carpet Different?

Not all carpet flooring is made the same. When you search for new carpeting , it is crucial that you think about the quantity of foot traffic it must resist in addition to its surroundings. Our staff can help you select in the finest flooring choices for your house or business construction.

We know that carpet flooring is an investment, and that’s exactly why we would like to be certain to have the details you want to make an educated choice. Keep on reading to find out about the differences between residential and commercial carpeting .

Residential & Commericial Carpeting Differences

Foot Traffic

The most important difference between residential and commercial rug is the quantity of traffic. While commercial buildings may receives hundreds (even thousands) of people in 1 day, the exact same can not be said of your property. Because of this, you won’t need to worry as much about your house carpet revealing signs of tear and wear until many years have passed.

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If you are considering commercial rug , we recommend picking pillow financing to soften the pressure of feet on rugs. Otherwise, carpet fibers may get smashed underfoot and immediately reveal signs of wear. An alternate to cushioned backing could be reduced pile carpet.

Carpet Colors

While mild carpeting can make your house seem airy and spacious, it is sometimes not the ideal option for industrial spaces. Many building owners select dark carpeting colors to pay for stains and signs of heavy foot traffic.


Nothing brings comfort and warmth to your house over plush carpeting. A number of the homeowners we utilize worth relaxation since they will be walking around their flooring without shoes. Many parents also search for bedroom rug that will be soft in their children’s feet while they perform with.

Building owners appreciate durability over comfort while searching for commercial carpeting . This way, their industrial rug may last for years beneath the strain of high foot traffic. Most office rug is reduced pile, which traps less dirt while being easier to wash. Low pile rug also has briefer carpet fibers, which do not get crushed as readily underfoot.

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Carpet Tiles

Even though carpet tiles may be set up at the house, they are more prevalent in commercial buildings. That is because commercial buildings get more foot traffic, raising the danger of stains. It is a whole lot easier to replace a rug square compared to your whole flooring in the event that you inadvertently spill. If you are considering commercial carpet tiles, we recommend purchasing more than what you want so you’ve got additional tiles available in the event of emergency.


Commercial buildings need to follow standards set by the Americans with Disabilities Act, which extends into carpet flooring. We recommend picking low pile carpeting so individuals of all skills can proceed through your construction. Otherwise, thick carpeting can make it hard for folks to utilize wheelchairs, walkers, and other mobility devices.

Interested in additional floors to accommodate individuals with disabilities? Have a look at our alternatives to vinyl flooring, slip resistant tile, and durable hardwood floors.