Being Safe at Home Advanced Home Survival Kit – Product Review

House security is an ever growing concern for millions of homeowners as residence burglaries and home invasions continue to increase. With law resources being stretched to the limit more and more it is becoming more and more obvious that homeowners need to take steps to protect their dwellings and families themselves.

One new way to just that has the new ‘Being Safe at Home Survival Kit-Advanced System. ‘

What is Included.

1 . HomeSafe Auto Dialer-when the unit is television a passive infrared system motion detector watches your protected area. If motion is detected a one zero five DB alarm sounds and up to 5 preselected phone numbers are called. Land line required.

2 . One Dried Soup jar Diversion safe-hiding valuables in plain sight is the easiest way to patrol them.

3. One UFO Alarm-a great multi-purpose worry that can be used as a personal alarm, burglar alarm, door/window alarm and many more.

4. Four Glass Breakage Alarms-if glass is destroyed an alarm sounds for 30 seconds enough t shock any burglar away.

5. Two Magnetic Door Alarms-that sound a 110 Db alarm if a door or window it is actually protecting is opened.

6. One Motion Detector Covered Camera with DVR-to protect the most valuable asset people have-your home.

7. Two 2 oz Pepper Mists with door mounts-one for the front and one for the returning door.

8. One 4 Oz Pepper Spray.

hunting for. All Batteries included.

10. Instruction Manual for each product

5. A DVD that demonstrates how each product is utilised.

12. Four Safety Reports: How To Childproof Your Home; Preventing and Handle Burglaries; How To Protect Your Home and Relatives From A Home Invasion; Neighborhood Watch Program.

This new program of safety products for your home will not only improve your house security but provide safety tips and products to help you in a property invasion. Be proactive and start defending your home and relatives the smart way. over at this website