Windows Fix Disk Virus – How to Get Rid of This Quickly From Your PC

The good news is new fake antivirus software that is affecting people’s laptops. This is called Windows Fix Disk and it does nearly anything except fix their disk. This malware works by causing you to think that your PC is infected with malware and there is these days something wrong with your hard drive because of this.

This malware will start to build messages that become increasingly serious to try and trick people into buying this malware and the longer you wait slightly more the problems you have with your PC. The only way to stop all these blunders and problems is to get rid of the Windows Fix Hard disk drive virus as quickly as possible.

Once this malicious software gets on your computer it will start up with Windows. This means you will start to see errors messages and warnings as soon as Windows starts. Gradually they will become so frequent you will be unable to use the laptop for more than a few seconds before you see another warning message.

Allow me to explain buy the full version of the software you will see the following miscalculation messages:

Hard drive failure.

Errors have been detected with your disc drive. You need to restart your computer now.

System error.

An error occured while reading critical system files. You need to run a check out immediately.

Then you will see this:

Fix disk

Windows Appropriate needs to scan your PC to identify problems. Press start or simply cancel.

As soon as you press the start button a fake procedure scan will run and it will tell you immediate action can be fix your computer.

This malware will then prevent you from running products and stop your antivirus from running in some cases. It does this specific so you can get rid of the Windows Fix Disk virus.

About the see various errors warning you that different parts as part of your PC are overheating or failing and this software could fix this for you.

To prevent all this and get your computer going normally again you need to run a few steps.

  • #1 aid Since this malware prevent you taking action to remove it choose is to start your computer in safe mode. To do this reboot your computer and press the F8 keyboard key in advance of Windows starts. You will then see a screen with a list of solutions. From that screen scroll down to safe mode with samtale and press enter.
  • #2 – Once your PC will start in safe mode find and delete the following binder and files: Windows Fix Disk folder and all the particular files in that folder.
  • #3 – Once you have done this kind of start the registry editor. And find the following entry: HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Run “randomfilename. exe”

Where random file name is a random generated name such as jlglfdddse. exe or similar. Uncover this and delete it.

Once you have done this reactivate your PC. If the malware has gone do a full system search within with your antivirus software and a system scanner to remove typically the remnants of it. If it is still there go to the next step. If your machine is crashing to a blue screen of death and displaying the error Kernel Security Check failure then this is the article for you as I will show on computergarage